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Wingback Progress

As I previously posted here, I am on a mission to reupholster my newly aquired wingback lounges.

I have been making my way through the sewing section of the reupholstering.  I removed the fabric from one side so I could keep track of the order of each piece, as I used them as templates for the new fabric.  The hardest part by far has been the arm section as attaching the side pieces to the chording was no easy feat. And voila, one half completed sewing template:


Dresser television unit


We need a new television unit.

Our current melamine cheapy is literally bowing under the weight of the tv and is not long off the end of its life.  Trawling through Pinterest  I saw the usual stands, media and entertainment units.  Nothing very inspiring.  And then I saw this:

Source: Apartment Therapy

A bright red dresser as a tv stand?! I’m in love.  And so the search was on for a dresser to transform into our own tv stand.

I found this gorgeous antique English wood dresser for $60 on Gumtree and snapped it up quick smart:

Here are some inspirations:








These are a few of my favourite {beautiful} things…

Today happens to be a beautiful day outside. So I thought I would post some pics of a few of my favourite {beautiful} things…

Image from

A very wise quote to live by, on a delicious curved blue and gold chair.

Image from

The palest of pinks with soft white surroundings {love}.

Image from

I. Just. Love. Paris.

Image from

I will have a library like this one day!

Image from

And a lovely nook to read my books…

Image from

A simple symmetrical layout with a lash of a deep blue and white rug.

Image from The Map Shop (

As mentioned in above, I love Paris, and this print of a vintage map showing the previously walled city is intricate and stunning. Will be ordering one for my wall soon.

Powder Room Pretty

I have been getting ahead of myself. Although I haven’t completed the powder room / laundry project, I have already found some great inspiration for decor for when the time comes:

Image from

Image from Pinterest (Kristin Werthman)

Image of Pinterest (Joe Nahem)

Image of Rue Mag

So many things I want to buy…

Logo Love

Without even intending it I recently took on my first ‘design client’, to create a fresh logo for blogger sister Kelly at Big Little Plan.   Apparently my knest logo design had not gone un-noticed and I was being called upon to replicate that creativity (insert nervous laugh). The brief was to have a symbol representing the ethos of the blog – the goal of sustainable living and financial freedom.

Initially many different symbols were thrown about, obvious dollar signs and coins, but only covered the financial aspect.  The inclusion of sustainable living combined with financial freedom in one symbol was slightly more difficult.

Eventually I clicked on to something generally self explanatory. A tree. Yep, plain I know, but think about it – while changing your money tree you are changing your family tree, by doing this in a sustainable manner you are being environmentally conscientious. It was settled. And soon enough I emailed over this cutie:

Logo for Big Little Plan

Kelly was very pleased (her love of koalas helped I’m sure) and this will be gracing the pages of Big Little Plan in the next few days.

Curtain Illusion

Hanging curtains is simple right? Just attach the pole above the window and make sure it’s wide enough.  No so.  Apparently high and wide is the way to go. Young House Love-rs Sherry and John blogged about curtains hung above and outside the window frame here,  as a great way of enhancing the room, and making it look bigger.

Image from Lonny Mag

Image from Lonny Man

Image from Lonny Mag

The gap can seem a bit unusual at first but this can be remedied with blinds. You can see the difference here:

Image from Young House Love (no blinds)

Image from Young House Love (blinds)

I love the drama added to the room and will definitely be trying it in the knest.

The Kitchen Rug

I want a kitchen rug.  How did I come to this conclusion?

I should tell you, I’ve never been to a house with a rug in the kitchen.  When I came across photos in on Young House Love and Bower Power I was a little taken a back.  A rug is just asking for Fred’s signature paw prints.  I’m pleasantly suprised to report that natural fibre or outdoor rugs are available for kitchens, so crumbs and dirt can be brushed or hosed off outside!

Apart from being functional, the kitchen rug also gives colour and texture to an otherwise practical, plain area.

Pretty + functional = I’m sold.

Here are some of my favourite examples:

Image from Pinterest (Amanda Worthington)

Image from

Image from Young House Love

Image from Bower Power Blog

My current pick for our kitchen is this rug from Shades of Light:

Image from Shades of Light

Unfortunately for me, the company doesn’t have a listing for international shipping, so getting this baby to Australia is my first hurdle.