Reviving the Wingback

I have always loved wingback lounges.  There is something about the beautiful curves and lines that never fail to make me smile.  Of course quality wingback suites are generally on the more expensive side and I had resigned myself to waiting a good few years before affording a set.

But where there is a will there is a way.  During an afternoon of daydreaming over wingback suites on the net, I came across tutorials for reupholstering pre-loved (note: cheaper!) wingback suites.

Savvy Designs

Image from Savvy Designs

Modest Maven

Image from Modest Maven

That was all I needed to spur me onto eBay and Gumtree, searching my little heart out.  And then I got lucky.  A lovely 2-piece suite on eBay for just $150.00.  I saw, I bid, I won.

Wingback Suite

These beauties were leaving their home as the seller explained his mother had purchased them in England in 1952 but was moving into assisted living also assuring us that the lounges had been steam cleaned and well loved.  We promised we would give them as much love as she had.

Watch this space to see the refurbished lovelies.


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