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Logo Love

Without even intending it I recently took on my first ‘design client’, to create a fresh logo for blogger sister Kelly at Big Little Plan.   Apparently my knest logo design had not gone un-noticed and I was being called upon to replicate that creativity (insert nervous laugh). The brief was to have a symbol representing the ethos of the blog – the goal of sustainable living and financial freedom.

Initially many different symbols were thrown about, obvious dollar signs and coins, but only covered the financial aspect.  The inclusion of sustainable living combined with financial freedom in one symbol was slightly more difficult.

Eventually I clicked on to something generally self explanatory. A tree. Yep, plain I know, but think about it – while changing your money tree you are changing your family tree, by doing this in a sustainable manner you are being environmentally conscientious. It was settled. And soon enough I emailed over this cutie:

Logo for Big Little Plan

Kelly was very pleased (her love of koalas helped I’m sure) and this will be gracing the pages of Big Little Plan in the next few days.